Friday, January 26, 2018

Plurality In Academic Tradition

This study was conducted to reaffirm a general statement which declared the UIN as a smelting place. The intellectual ‘melting-pot’ was identified since the university was constructed with different academic traditions; derived from the pesantren tradition, originated from the Middle Eastern universities, and developed with the Western tradition. Therefore, this study seeks to explore how lecturers dealt with differences, in particular concerning the impact on students’ work.

As an attempt to answer a major question related to how lecturers dealt with differences in terms of different educational background, numerous studies have been used to guide the study: McKeown’s (2009) ‘first time effect’ theory, Burke & Stet’s (2009) identity theory, and Huxham’s (1996, 2005) collaborative theory. Furthermore, with the intention to examine collaborative efforts, Achinstein’s (2002) collaborative model was chosen and explored from a micropolitical perspective. Drawing on micropolitical theory, the author found that conflict, borders, and ideology, were at the center of issues related to collaboration and community learning and are underrepresented in research on teacher collaboration.

By investigating several theories related, this study has proven that the East-West tensions has been melted, although not entirely. The conflict amid community can still be traced from lecturers’ statement in which it is associated with the feelings of inadequacy and satisfactoriness in the individual when comparing themselves with one or both of the others. Moreover, the issues of insider and outsider status emerge as borders are still defined. Borders were created within and beyond the lecturers group which related as the nature of intrapersonal dimension. Lecturers remarked that they tend to be different with the others in terms of the placement of peoples and ideas. This is probably
an accurate assumption for saying that lecturers know or decide to believe is rely on their educational background. Last but not least, the third elements which identified related with the modification of their ideological stance in response to team teaching style

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